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Higher occupancy of your rooms. Turnover growth of your meeting rooms. Large groups in your restaurant. Our booking tool helps you grow from a new customer base. And everything is automated and linked to your reservation system. So you are in control and always have insight into your bookings and invoices.


Trusted by 500+ companies.


Our booking tool serves as an additional acquisition channel for your enterprise, attracting a new target audience. Primarily large corporations and government institutions that you typically cannot count among your clientele


Within our CMS tool, which we link to your channel manager software, you can easily keep your records and get clear insights of your bookings and comparisons with other locations. This allows you to increase your efficiency and turnover.


Reach more potential customers. Improve your ranking within our booking tool. Receive discounts on your remittance. Each of these are attractive marketing opportunities within our booking tool, from which you can directly benefit.

Be inspired by the stories of our venue partners.

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Who is worldmeetings

On our website, you will find more information about what Worldmeetings can do for your venue. You can also directly request a appointment Make. or send an e-mail to contracting@worldmeetings.nl to discuss the possibilities.

Costs vary from venue to venue. This has to do with the size of a venue and the expectation of how much will be booked. In addition, the Marketing Package also differs per venue. Like the fixed costs, the commission percentage differs per location. We are happy to make a appointment to see how much commission will be charged.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee bookings. This is ultimately determined by the client. However, we can guarantee visibility among the largest companies in the Netherlands and help the venue get a new distribution channel.

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