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At Worldmeetings, we believe in creating valuable connections and experiences. Our services are more than just facilitating meetings; they are a catalyst for success and innovation.

Our Principle

To be a facilitator for 34 years, you need to have certain convictions. A certain level of ambition, always looking ahead to potential solutions for the triangle partnership.

But a simple foundation of kindness and modesty has has contributed to our success. Ultimately, we aren't the macho figures of the meeting industry.

We understand our strengths and confidently assert ourselves as the optimal partner for our associates. However, we do so in our distinct manner.

People, Planet, Profit

Sustainability is more important than ever. As an experienced player in the hospitality industry, we therefore like to take responsibility for this. That is why we are committed to green initiatives and sustainable practices in every step of our service.

From Green Team to The Forgotten Child Foundation and more. Read all our sustainable initiatives on our sustainability page.

Our certification

Discover our recognised accreditations and certifications that confirm our commitment to quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Rely on our expertise and reliability, backed by official accreditations and guarantees of excellent service.

34 years in a nutshell

Three decades of growth, learning and leadership in the meetings and events industry. Our journey is a story of ambition, adaptability and success.

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Founding Hotelcontact. Precursor to today's Worldmeetings.
Purchasing concepts
Content management tool that allows venues to provide them with their own presentation.
Invoice upload as completion of fully digital invoicing process.
Book meeting rooms directly online.
Linking with procurement systems.
Ebird messaging system.
Review module.
Optimal security of the entire platform.
Practically durable.
Virtual assistance.
Rebranding Worldmeetings

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