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Vincentiushof is truly an undiscovered gem for your meeting, lunch and dinner.

The location consists of two large and one medium-sized meeting rooms. The rooms are fully equipped with WiFi, a multi-screen presentations and other media, a flipchart and a private kitchen for coffee and tea. In addition, the site features a complete kitchen and lunch and dinner can be prepared on site.

In 1846 in The Hague, in the sacristy of the church in the Old Molstraat, the first Vincentius Conference (local association) was founded in the Netherlands. On March 4, 1846 the conference was registered with the General Council in Paris. Over there in Paris, in 1833, was the beginning. Frederic Ozanam and some sympathizers wanted to help in the enormous misery in large cities and rural areas and started helping people in need where help was urgently needed. The association quickly spread across other cities and towns in the Netherlands. All associations form the Vincentiusvereniging Netherlands.
The main organization is based in France.

Now Vincent is an inspiring location for your meetings, lunches and dinners.

The whole complex and its furnishings breathe the look and atmosphere of the Amsterdam School from 1920.

  • 3 meeting rooms
  • Public transport
  • WIFI
  • get grips with history
  • Max. 70 pax for meeting
  • Equipped for disabled

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