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.When you are organizing a training, you are looking for a top quality location. With state-of-the-art technical facilities, catering, accessibility and parking available. But the finishing touch of a perfect training is not realized by professional facilities only. It is mostly dedicated to the hospitality and service provided by the professionals at our locations. The team that are welcoming and accompany the trainers, teachers and students during the training.

the extraordinary combination of hospitality and mastership is our specialty. We offer the trainings locations. Not because we offer rooms, but because we make your training, meeting or workshop even more effective. That responsibility and functionality is self-evident to us. We know we can maximally provide what you promise your employees, colleagues or students.

Eindhoven has everything: talent, entrepreneurship, history and coziness. BCN Eindhoven is according to that a location to be proud of. The 23 trainingrooms, from 2 till 100 persons, are provided with all modern technology and comforts.

The advantages of BCN Eindhoven are very extended and diverse:

– 23 modern and stylish decorated rooms.
– Meetings from 2 till 100 persons.
– Excellent accessebility by public transport and car.
– Directly situated at the NS trainstation Eindhoven Central Station.
– Centrally situated, direct connection to all exit roads around Eindhoven
– Ample parking at a reducted fee.
– Restaurant for lunch and diner.

BCN meeting packages are included:

– Free optical fiber internet and Wi-Fi.
– Beamer and projection screen.
– Integrated sound system.
– Whiteboard and flip-over.
– Comfortable meeting chairs (EN1335).
– Climat control in every room.
– Seperately switched lighting for excellent view on the screen.
– Notepads and pens.
– Trainers kit with handy office tools.
– Copy service for trainers and teachers.
– Flower service when exams.
– Nameplates for on the tables.
– All rooms are lockable and eclipsable.
– All rooms have daylight.

  • 23 meeting rooms
  • GreenKey
  • Online meeting rooms
  • Airco
  • Public transport
  • WIFI
  • stimulate creativity
  • Max. 100 pax for meeting
  • Business centre
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